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Our Staff

Our Staff is interested in providing the best nurturing and loving environment for your children. We want to make their first experience in a classroom exciting, fun and social.
Sue Wolcott-Whitten








I have a  degree in Human Services Management and I am currently getting my CDA for Early Childhood Education. My passion is helping our youth become the best they can be. At Saving Grace Academy I'm combining my education with my passion. I want to develop a program where we work together with parents to help their children obtain the best possible chance at creating a desire and love for learning. 

 Cindi Hernandez





I have a passion for instilling creativity, imagination and positive play into our little ones who will become our future. I look forward to being able to work at something I love. I am a mother and grandmother so being with little ones is not new to me. I would like to create, develop and begin an exercise program for our students where they are able to develop their eye hand coordination and work their larger muscles. I believe all children have a right to be physically fit and enjoy learning all the different things their bodies are able to do. They will learn hopping, skipping, jumping, side stepping, climbing and much more. 

Pam Plaisted

Pam is a Pastor and afternoon teacher. She loves teaching the children all about science through experiments, observations, and hands on experience. She also teaches them stories in the Bible and help them to learn the monthly Bible verse.


Jean is the grandmother of one of our first graduates. She has been with us since we opened in December 3, 2020. Once referred to as Granny Jean, the children enjoy having her assist them with their skills development. 

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