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About us

Saving Grace Academy is a Christian preschool that focuses on guiding children (3-6 yrs) to build proper social skills, while teaching them the basic information needed to advance to kindergarten. We utilize Brightwheel for online payments and no contact check in and out.


Our curriculum leans toward Montessori to include a Bible curriculum. Each week we will have a group of numbers, color, and shapes the children will learn.

We will be teaching some words in Spanish & American Sign Language.

We have circle time, table time, centers and outdoor play.

Meet our staff

Director: Sue

I have a degree in Human Services Management. I was a volunteer at Lemmon Valley Elementary working with children who needed 1 on 1 assistance. I am a published author, actively involved in North Valleys Church of the Nazarene. Hobbies: singing, writing, and my grandkids.

Contact us

We are now accepting applications for enrollment part time and full time, with a $100  registration fee and yearly supplies.

email -

Sue Wolcott-Whitten

775-376-1673 or visit

11000 Lemmon Drive

Reno, NV 89506

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